Organic CBD Plant Balm by the Plant People

Organic CBD Plant Balm by the Plant People

CBD and Cannibis have been trending topics for a while.

We all deal with stressors in our lives, tight muscles and pain of some sort or the other. I wanted to try a CBD topical to see if one could help elevate my standard of living. Therefore, I began browsing the web looking for the perfect product that fit my needs and preferences. 

The full-spectrum CBD Plant Balm by the Plant People seemed to be a great fit. Their products are all-organic and non-GMO, which has become increasingly important to me. It’s also great that I am supporting local agriculture within the United States! 

I consider myself to be a ‘researcher’, so I purchased only the Plant Balm for my first order. Once I try the balm out for a few weeks, I may test out a few of their other products! 

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So, why the Plant People CBD Balm?

I’m going to be real with you – I love pretty packaging and I’m a sucker for marketing. I am drawn to packaging with more eco-friendly and aesthetic design, whereas many CBD topicals and balms look like they are better suited for a doctor’s office rather than on my nightstand.

After opening my package from Plant People, I knew I had to share their packaging with you. The box was small and they use recycled material to keep my investment safe.

Plant People greeted me with two cards. One let me know about the benefits of CBD products and the other was a small card that really speaks to their business culture. “For every product sold, we plant a tree.” Isn’t that awesome?! It really connects to their mission statement, which is to “connect and heal people through the power of plants.”Plant People believes in offering products with integrity. I love how I am supporting a brand that was cultivated within the United States. Plant People are headquartered in Hudson Valley, NY and their website states where all of their products’ hemp is grown. For example, the Plant Balm uses hemp that is grown in Colorado. Their products are organic and non-GMO, which is a big selling point for me. The ingredients only read full-spectrum hemp extract, coconut oil, beeswax and essential oils!Why do I think that’s important? My boyfriend and I actually eat only organic and grass-fed to nourish our bodies, so I’ve been slowly integrating that thought into other aspects of my self-care. 

Plant people, plant balm, cbd topical, cbd lotion, hemp, pain relief, post-workout, cannibis, cbd oil

How does the Plant Balm work?

My friends and family have all used CBD topicals in one form or another – therefore, I’ve been able to try a few. They’ve all helped, whether being applied to sore muscles or tight joints, which is why I wanted to invest in a CBD topical for myself. 

The endocannibinoid system is highly integrated within neurons. I’ll admit this does make me question whether topical application of CBD is effective or if it’s more of a placebo effect. Even with my skepticism, I do believe in trying new things to determine the benefits for myself! 

However, I do believe that oral application would be more beneficial since our mucous membranes are much more penetrable. There are plenty of sites that touch upon the science of CBD and endo-cannibinoid receptors, if you’re interested in learning more in that regard. I recommend browsing through “Ember”, the blog associated with MedMen. 

How I will be using Plant People’s Plant Balm 

I work full-time for a brand that requests us to start our day in heels. Do you know how painful that can be?! I definitely plan on trying this balm before (or after) my shifts to see if it helps my feet last throughout the week. 

Occasionally, I do get sore wrists (thanks, mom). I am hoping for relief during the occasional time when the radial joints of my hand ache. 

Applying it to sore muscles post-run or work-out! (Wow, I sound like I’m falling apart!)

Have you considered or tried any CBD topical products before?

I think it’s important to be an advocate for your self-care and to do research before investing in new products. I just purchased the Plant People’s Plant Balm, so I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my thoughts on efficacy! 

I’m curious to see who has used CBD-based products. Let me know your thoughts & experiences in the comments below or anywhere on my social media platforms!

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  1. This sounds very good! The packaging looks very pretty as well.

    1. As I said, I’m a total sucker for packaging. A lot of CBD products look very clinical.

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