Top 5 Tips for Growing Long and Healthy Hair

Top 5 Tips for Growing Long and Healthy Hair

My hair used to be insanely long. At one point, it was approximately three inches below my bra strap (which of course, is the most effortless way to measure the length of your hair!). After looking at images of hair extension lenghts, I’d say my hair used to be approximately 22-24″ long. 

However, my hair kept shedding and breaking. I realized that it wasn’t as healthy as I’d like. 

So, I chopped it all off! And because I love change – I went blonde! Talk about a drastic make-over! 

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My hair just two months before I decided to chop it off. Approximately 22-24″ in length!

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Of course, my first picture as a blonde would be from snapchat! My hair was an asymmetrical lob, so it was barely brushing my collar in the back.


Talk about growing pains with medium-length hair!

The last time I chopped my hair off, I was twenty years old. When I was finally growing it out, I grew so impatient that I spent thousands of dollars on micro-bead hair extensions. 

Being 27 and living with my boyfriend, I’ve grown wiser to how I spend my money and therefore decided that hair extensions might not be the best allocation of my money. So, I had to learn to be patient and that patience is finally paying off. 

My patience with my growing my hair long and healthy has taught me some useful tips & tricks that I want to pass along to you, because it is possible to grow your hair out and love it in the process!

How to Grow Long and Healthy Hair

Prenatal Vitamins for long and healthy hair.

Go buy prenatal vitamins, right now! You don’t need to be planning to have a baby to take prenatal vitamins. However, I highly recommend them because I have noticed substantial growth in my hair since I’ve begun taking them.

Not only has my hair been growing longer, it also seems more full and vibrant. Therefore, I’ve been recommending them to my associates, too.

Ditch the notion of $30 hair gummies – prenatals are only about $12 and you can get them anywhere. I’ve been using Nature Made’s Prenatal Multi + DHA. They contain 30mg of Biotin and 260mg of DHA (fish oil-derived Omega fatty acids), both of which are known for their properties for strengthening and lengthening hair for healthy growth!

Jojoba Oil for strong and healthy hair.

Jojoba oil is a powerful moisturizer, again, because of the healthy fatty acids it provides. I actually first learned about its benefits when I worked at Bath & Body Works – it’s one of the main ingredients they use in their body lotions! 

However, I searched for a more natural source and found the Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil at Sprouts. I honestly use Jojoba oil as an after-shower moisturizer, a PM face moisturizer and – you guessed it – on my hair! 

Similar to coconut oil, concentrate the oil on the ends of your hair. You will only need about 3-4 drops for medium length hair for nourishing, non-greasy effects!

Protect Your Hair With Heat Protectant!

I must always put a polished, best-made look forward at work. Therefore, not styling my hair is not an option. I’ll admit I don’t wash my hair every day so that I can “touch up” my style in between washing, however heat is a must in my beauty routine. 

I having been using It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product for almost a decade, now. I live by this product. I put it in my damp hair before I brush it out, I spritz a little bit before I apply heat to my hair, and it’s even great for post-swimming conditioning. 

This product is amazing and will continue to be a staple on my counter-top for years to come. Not only does it help to protect my hair, but it also helps keep frizz and flyaways tamed! The price might seem steep, but a large bottle lasts me six months.

Coconut Oil Masks for Healthy Hair

My boyfriend was actually the one who introduced me to using coconut oil as a healthy hair mask. Coconut oil has something in common with the prenatals and jojoba oil- it is a great natural source of healthy fats, which help promote hair growth and strength of your hair!

I personally only use coconut oil as a healthy hair treatment when I start to feel the ends drying out. However, I feel that every one to two weeks would be optimal for treatment. 

How-To Mask with Coconut Oil

Spoon out two tablespoons or so of coconut oil into a microwave-safe bowl. Heat it up in 20-30 second increments, stirring in between.

Once it has liquefied, being applying the coconut oil to the ends of your hair, making sure that they are saturated. Work the leftover coconut oil up the shaft of your hair, avoiding the scalp itself. Those that complain about oily hair usually put too much on their scalp instead of focusing on the ends of their hair!

Wrap your hair into a bun and let it rest for at least thirty minutes. (Some even sleep with it in overnight).  Then, wash your hair per usual. I personally double-wash and my hair still feels soft and healthy afterwards!

Get that Quarterly Hair Cut. 

I know, I know. . . It doesn’t make sense to cut off your hair while you’re trying to grow it. But it does, I promise you. 

First off, you only need to trim off split-ends. Secondly, getting a hair cut will make you love your hair while it’s in the phase of growing out. 

I personally hate my hair when it’s at that awkward medium-length phase and everyone knows it. The last time I got my hair cut I told them, “Trim only the bare minimum and layer my bangs into my hair so that everything looks like it’s growing together, not disparately.” 

Guess what? I started loving my hair, again! Your hair is going to grow at different lengths, so sometimes you need that haircut to get it seamlessly growing together, again! Ever since my last haircut, I’ve been thrilled to see my hair progress!

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Do you have any tips to help grow your hair long and healthy? Are you going to try any of my top 5 tips? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Your hair looks amazing! It’s so shiny. I’m doing most of what you advised, except for the prenatal vitamins and coconut oil mask. I simply apply the oil like any leave in hair oil. Maybe I should try what you do to tame the frizz in my hair! 😀


    1. Unless there’s a specific medical reason to not take the prenatals, I highly suggest them! I’ve been trying to convince my 19-year-old associates to try it because I’ve seen the difference! The main reason I chopped off my hair was because it was always breaking and I’m so happy at where it’s at now!

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