Why “Curated By Cherish”? A formal introduction.

Why “Curated By Cherish”? A formal introduction.

You might be wondering "Why 'Curated by Cherish'?"

https://instagram.com/curatedbycherishI cannot tell you how many times I’ve changed my instagram handle, hoping to find the name of my personal brand that describes me best. I finally began thinking, what interests me? I enjoy blogging, I enjoy photography, and I simply am trying to live my best life. Thus, “Curated by Cherish” was breathed into life. 

So, why “Curated by Cherish”? 

Because I am curating my own life and I want to share my journey as I go! I might be in my late twenties, but I believe that I have life lessons to share and know I will only curate more as time goes on. It’s important to know that everyone lives their own struggles and triumphs, as unique as their own stories may be. (I’ve also noticed that I have been able to have some really fun word play with the whole “curation” theme!)

Let me tell you about "Curated by Cherish" in person:

Please don’t mind my “customer service” voice. One of my closest friends already said I was so mellow compared to the Cherish she knows and loves from high school! 

Also, please understand that just as we are constantly growing and finding our purpose, the direction of this very website may change, as well. This is with purpose – I am a dynamic, ever-changing human being and this blog is a reflection of myself and my message. 

What might you expect from Curated by Cherish?

  • Cheesy inspirational content with an ever-optimistic outlook. 
  • Photos!! Once I actually get out there and stay consistent in curating photographs! Granted, summer is coming and in Arizona, that’s just as bad as the Winter in Westeros (Game of Thrones, anyone?).
  • Lifestyle posts. Lots & lots of lifestyle posts. This may even include beauty & fashion to some extent.
  • Career advice, because who I am in my job most certainly transfers to who I am on a deeper level. 
  • Someone I hope you can trust – I’ve got my email on my “about” page and I’d much rather this experience be mutual!

The biggest take-away I want to get from Curated by Cherish?

“Live life with purpose. Be happy; if you aren’t, take the steps to get there. I know that might be easier said than done, but I’ve been there and I totally understand. Just remember that you are the one curating your life.”

– Cherish. 

Feel free to navigate around the website and get to know it – and about me – a little better! I would love to have you along for the ride, so go ahead and follow me on any of my social channels. Lastly, if you have any post suggestions, sound off in the comments below!

Much love, Cherish.

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