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Hi, My name is Cherish!

I am a (late)-twenty-something-year-old living in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. I consider myself to be an over-sharer, so what better way to share than over content that I’ve curated?!

A little about me

I am currently an assistant retail manager, even though I graduated from Arizona State University with my B.S. in Life Sciences, and even completed my first two years of medical school. I was born & raised in Arizona and lived in Philadelphia, PA for four years. After moving back to Arizona, I met the best man I could have possibly asked for and we live together with our three pitbulls. 

I enjoy dabbling in photography, learning about business & finance, and would love to work for myself one day. 

Curated Content

I believe that this website will be my passion project for years to come, because it’s all about life and its experiences. Therefore, you can expect: 

  • Lifestyle posts, which may include (but is not limited to): being a working professional, makeup & fashion, and even trying for a baby!
  • Photography: whether it be on the places I visit, portraits of friends & family, or the like. 
  • Things to do & places to eat in Arizona, because what’s better than being a tourist in your own backyard?
  • Wisdom, products and experiences that I believe enhance my life 

I hope you will join me on this adventure!

Feel welcome to contact me.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions to the webpage?

Alternatively, interested in sponsoring an affiliation with Curated by Cherish? (I will hopefully have a media kit ready, soon!)

Please feel free to email me at curatedbycherish@gmail.com.

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