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(Life) Curated by Cherish is a new blog that encompasses many topics that I believe will bring value to others. Besides being ANOTHER millennial lifestyle blog, I want to share moments through photography, with highlights on living in Phoenix, Arizona, beauty, wellness, & maybe some fashion. This is my ever-changing platform to share with YOU.
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  • I absolutely HATE growing out my hair - but I know my awkward medium phase will grow into the long, healthy locks I've been missing for the last year and a half. 
I chopped my hair off to make it grow even healthier before, and I'm so proud of how far it's come. What have I been doing different? 
I've actually incorporated more organic hair care! ✅ Coconut oil hair masks ✅Jojoba oil after washing my hair ✅ Actually getting regular trims ❤More tips and details on the blog (link in bio) .
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  • Ya'll wanted more #ootd posts, so here's what I wore on Friday when our DM visited us. 
Sometimes, I get frustrated because a lot of people don't see retail as a real "career", but guess what? Your middle-class girl is out here living her best life. I am so happy where I am at - my mental health is the best it's ever been, I get to meet fun people, and I get to help shape others in their own personal growth! 
Don't ever let societal norms get down on you - you do you, boo!
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  • Six years ago, today I graduated from Arizona State University with my B.S. in Life Sciences! Wow, time has flown by! 
Am I using my Bachelors today? No. Do I regret it? Absolutely not! I'm a firm believer that every experience shapes us into who we are. I learned how to improve my public speaking, be a better writer, and that hard work pays off. 
It also allowed me to move across the country for four years! Without it, I lost definitely be who I am today - and I am proud of that! .
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  • Throwback to the Grand Canyon with my boo, who coincidentally posted a throwback to the same trip, as well! Lol 
It took me 27 years to visit one of the 7 wonders of the world- even though I've lived in Arizona for most of my life. 
Where are one of your travel destinations?
  • Happy Friday! It's been a busy week at work - May is jam packed for retail workers with Mother's Day next weekend. Who else is working this weekend?
  • Story time! 🐶 Being a dog mom can be hard! The wall between our house and a neighbors' has been weak and while they contacted their property owners and we barricaded it on our side months ago, however this little guy finally broke through to the other side! 
I was awoken by our neighbor who told us the property manager called the police and animal control! I jumped out of bed, didn't even put a bra on, to leash my baby up and get all my fur babies kennelled! Ain't nobody taking my baby to the pound! 
I'll admit he definitely looked terrifying while barking at the "stranger" and I'm glad Sunny and everyone is safe. We're finally getting the wall fixed after months because the property manager claimed they didn't know (the previous renters had a toddler, so I believe that they did contact them to share the cost of fixing it). But, I think it's time to start training our fur babies a bit better (they own our house and know it!). Anyone else ever train their dogs after 2+ years? 
Entire outfit: @americaneagle
  • Happy #420! 💚 While I'm not celebrating, I do enjoy using CBD topically to tight muscles or aches after standing all day at work. I chose @plantpeople's Plant Balm, which is cultivated in the US and is Organic and non-GMO (which were the selling points for me!). Do you use any CBD products in your wellness routine? If so, what? .
  • Be true to you. As over-edited and moody and dark this photo is, I love it. I know it won't get much attention, and that's OK. I want to serve my real self to the outside world and you should be comfortable in doing the same. 
Ever share anything you weren't 💯 about but said "Fuck it, I'ma do me?" What was the response?
  • Ahhh, I love my home state.🌵☀️ You can't beat our sunsets! 
I actually have a tattoo to commemorate Phoenix (and Philly) because I believe home is what makes you. Anyone else have a tattoo tribute for their home state?
  • Can you believe it's already NINETY degrees in Arizona?! It's most definitely the season for shorts! 
What's spring like where you live?
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